Fans Turn Up To Zoella's Hotel In Another Violation Of Her Privacy

30 August 2016, 10:30 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

zoella fans turn up at her hotel

By Ella Wells

Why is this happening again?

It's not news that YouTube's power couple, Zalfie, have had trouble with privacy issues in the past. From the national press revealing their Brighton home address to fans climbing into their private hotel room for selfies on holiday, they've had their fair share of security issues - but did all their tweets and vlogs about privacy stop fans from waiting outside their Scottish hotel?

We've already questioned who is to blame for this invasion of privacy, but Zoella has spoken out again on the issue over on her vlog channel after subscribers tracked down where they were staying in Edinburgh this weekend. Fast forward to three minutes and 25 seconds to see what Zoe has to say on the situation.

If you do happen to follow the Internet couple, then you will already know that themselves, Poppy and Sean took a well deserved trip away for a few days last week. They were both still daily vlogging their mini-break in the Scottish capital and kept us all updated on their adventures. However, in Zoe's most recent vlog entitled "JILTED AT THE ALTAR", she took to the camera to voice a few concerns.

In the video, uploaded yesterday, Zoe began her talk by stating "I feel like a lot of YouTubers have talked about privacy and whether or not it's okay to wait outside where people are staying so I'm not even going to talk about it because it's common sense."

The beauty YouTuber then went on to explain how fans waiting outside where they were staying made her feel "trapped", "anxious" and incredibly difficult to feel comfortable. Zoella does point out that "it's not that I dislike anyone who stands outside 'cause obviously I love everyone who watches my videos", but it just makes her unable to relax where she's staying.

However, Miss Sugg also wanted to take the opportunity to thank her subscribers who "may have known where (they) have stayed" but decided to respect her privacy, as they are the ones who "don't get enough recognition." Zoe also took to Twitter to show her love to those who could have waited outside but decided not to.


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