10 JackSepticEye Quizzes All Super Fans Need To Take

14 June 2017, 12:02 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Benedict Townsend

Attention Jack fans - here's a collection of all the best JackSepticEye quizzes in the whole freakin' universe. Come inside and have a look

Whoa, it looks like you've just walked head-first into a Jack Attack and the only cure is even more Jack. Today you'll find a whole bunch of JackSepticEye quizzes, curated by our Jack experts and placed into one handy article for your quiz-based pleasure.


1. Can You Guess What JackSepticEye Is Playing?

2. Can You Spot JackSepticEye In The Sea Of Markipliers? 

3. You Can Only Win This JackSepticEye Quiz By Getting Every Question Wrong

4. Are You More JackSepticEye Or AntiSepticEye?

5. Who Said It – Markiplier Or JackSepticEye?

6. Quiz: Would You Match With Markiplier Or Jack On Tinder?

7. Wait A Second, Are You Markiplier Or JackSepticEye?

8. Can You Match The Revelmode Icon To The YouTuber? 

9. The ULTIMATE JackSepticEye Trivia Quiz For True Fans

10. BONUS: Here’s 18 GIFs Of JackSepticEye To Improve Your Day


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