QUIZ: Who Said It- Alfie Deyes Or Hazel Hayes?

1 February 2017, 14:52 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:46

alfie deyes

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

This quiz is VERY hard.

Today we're putting your knowledge of two of YouTube's biggest names to the test- Mr Alfie Deyes and Ms Hazel Hayes. One is a fierce go-getter with a ton of friends and a positive message to spread to the world, the one one is Alfie Deyes. Just joking, you know we love Alfie really.

As well as having slightly similar last names, it turns out it can be hard to match the YouTuber to the quote. We've compiled 10 quotes and all you have to do is pick who said it, either Alfie or Hazel.

Be warned- this quiz is crazy hard!