QUIZ: Can You Guess Which YouTubers Voiced The Characters Of "asdfmovie10"?

3 April 2017, 18:40 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Liam Dryden

Can you tell who is really behind each of the the silly goofs?

So we all know "asdfmovie" is a little bit of YouTube viral gold, with the difference that it keeps coming back. TomSka's animated masterpiece is now nearly a decade old; but with asdfmovie10 being released this weekend, we're just as entertained as ever.


But of course, no asdfmovie would be complete without a voice cast that stars a whole bunch of Tom's YouTube pals; and #10 is no exception. Dan & Phil, Jacksepticeye and a host of others have lent their vocal talents to this episode; but can you tell exactly where? Well we figured it out, and we threw them all  into a nice little quiz for you to test yourself after you've watched it for the fifth time.

Here's the video for reference. No cheating.

Can you recognise everyone in asdfmovie10? Take the quiz below...

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