We're Making You Pick Between Luke Cutforth And Emma Blackery Because We're Cruel

9 November 2015, 13:22 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

emma blackery luke cutforth

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Lemma? Lumma? Emke?

It's been quite the year for Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth, both as a couple and as individuals.

Whilst Emma might not have bagged the Radio 1 Teen Awards Best Vlogger title this weekend (Joe Sugg got hold of that), she certainly grabbed the attention of the team at fashion bible Elle magazine. Featuring on their "30 Women Under 30 Who Are Changing The World" list, Emma is praised for her diverse YouTube content and we couldn't agree more.



To celebrate Emma in all her glory (and Luke for being generally amazing, too) we thought we'd pit them off against one another. Because that's fair. Pick your fave and prepare to do battle...