QUIZ: Can You Guess The Year In YouTube Based On The Screen Shot?

22 May 2017, 17:10 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

tyler oakley

By Liam Dryden

Can you really guess the year of the site just by looking at it?

So after learning that 'Charlie Bit My Finger' turns 10 years old today, it felt like the perfect time to test you a little bit on your knowledge of YouTube days gone by. Because what better way to gain bragging rights with your friends than to prove how good you are at looking at a website? That's right - it's time for another "Guess The Year" quiz.

guess the year youtube amazingphil 2006

The quiz below will test your knowledge of YouTube's old (and new) designs. Simply look at the screenshot, and guess what year it's from. You have nothing to lose but your dignity.

Guess the year of YouTube in the quiz below...

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