QUIZ: Order A Cheeky Nandos, Get An Awesome LGBTQ+ YouTuber To Watch

8 June 2017, 11:14 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Bring on the Perinaise!

You know what it's like when you get that cheeky Nandos craving - nothing is going to keep you from lashings of medium sauce, crispy chicken skin and the Holy Grail that is peri chips. When you and the lads get together for a Nandos (or a 'Scrandos' as it's nicknamed in the North East of England), things get wild. Those bottomless soft drinks really go to your head and don't get us started on what it's like when the wing roulette comes out.

nandos quiz

If you're not from a place in the world where Nandos graces every High Street, just know that it's the best chicken restaurant in the entire world and you will turn into the Ultimate Banter Machine the second you set foot through the door.

In this quiz we're going to give you an LGBTQ+ YouTuber we think you should be watching and we're going to figure out your taste all according to your Nandos order... How cheeky is that?!


If you're still here and can wait a couple of minutes before heading out for some chicken thighs and chips, make sure you watch the latest episode of YouTuber News by clicking play on the video below.