QUIZ: Can You Guess The Missing Word From These Storytime Videos?

8 February 2017, 14:44 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:46


By Charleyy Hodson

Honestly, this quiz goes somewhere wild.

Storytime YouTubers are arguably one of the best and worst things about YouTube in 2017. Not only are their stories ridiculously over the top and fake, but they make for some of the most hilarious videos we've ever seen before on the Internet - plus, just think about all the memes! So, whether or not you've been watching the dramatic lives of all YouTubers, it's time to find out how close you've paying attention...

We've rounded up 10 of the most iconic storytime videos on the Internet and removed one word from their thumbnail, now it's up to YOU to figure out what the hell happened to the poor YouTuber in question. Honestly, reimagining some of these videos with different words has absolutely made my day, so whether you think this quiz sucks or not... you're welcome for some free entertainment!

Let's begin...



So, how did you do?! Let us know in the comments below if you're a storytime connoisseur and we'll give you an imaginary award for all your hard work! Deal?