Quiz: Can You Guess These YouTubers' Favourite Movies?

4 March 2016, 17:32 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

We know these YouTubers favourite motion pictures - do you?

Okay, first things first: I've tried my best to get this quiz right. It is surprisingly hard to find out YouTubers' favourite movies. Honestly if it knew it was going to be this difficult I totally wouldn't have made it, but here we are. And look - LOOK MARGARET, there's a chance, a CHANCE that one of these might not turn out to not be correct. Maybe a YouTuber later changed their mind or something, I don't know. All I know is that I tried, I tried dammit. And hey, you know what? Sometimes in life people get things wrong. And sometimes in life people repeatedly start sentences with 'and' because it's Friday and the English language barely makes any sense as it is, so why do we bend over backwards abiding by flimsy grammatical rules that, if anything, just slow us down? MY POINT IS, KEVEN - MAYBE SOME OF THESE MAY BE WRONG. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE WE'RE ALL JUST SPECKS OF DUST ON A ROCK THAT'S HURTLING ROUND THE SUN, SO JUST HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS SILLY THEN AND THEN WE CAN ALL GET ON WITH OUR LIVES.

Love ya, have fun: