QUIZ: Can You Match The YouTuber To Their College Degree?

11 April 2016, 11:03 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

youtube college

By Benedict Townsend

These YouTubers Got Schooled! See If You Can Match Them To Their College Degree!

One of our favourite things in the world is learning more and more about the rich tapestry that makes our favourite YouTubers so special. From their favourite animals, food and TV shows, the ability to get to know your faves over the Internet is an amazing thing - but it always blows our mind to find out what college degrees some creators have!

We've researched the following college degrees, and now all you need to do is figure out which YouTuber completed that course - think you can handle it?! Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter how well you did and maybe we'll give you a score out of 100 for effort.



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