QUIZ: We Know How You Would Die On Game Of Thrones Based On Your YouTube Preferences

22 August 2017, 10:50 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Alfie Deyes & Dragon

By Benedict Townsend

How would you be finished off in the fantastical land of Westeros? (Or Essos) By arrow? By dragon? By years of torture? Find out now!

This quiz contains some vague spoilers for Game Of Thrones.

Winter is here, chumps. With Dany flying up from the south and Jon Snow scowling his way down from the north, there's almost no way that you're not going to be horribly murdered in the many battles to come. But how exactly will it happen? What brutal occurrence will carry you forth to finally meet the Lord Of Light?

Take this YouTuber quiz that our maesters have cooked up, and we'll have an answer for you faster than you can say "why have the ravens all suddenly developed the ability to travel at supersonic speed?" Best of luck, mortal:



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