QUIZ: Pick A Pet And We'll Tell You How Many People Watch Your Instagram Story

3 May 2017, 15:01 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Liam Dryden

So it's undeniable that pets have kind of become the secret stuff to internet success. Zalfie have a pug. Pewdiepie has two. Anna Akana has six cats. And if you've watched the Instagram story of any of these names and more, you'll know their pets tend to feature more heavily than them; and tbh, good.

instagram story jenna marbles kermit gif smiling

But is it really all about the pet, or getting the right pet? We've built the perfect simulation to tell whether or not your dream pet (or your real pet, if you like) has what it takes to get you in the top of every Insta user's feed.

Test the power of your Instagram story in our pet quiz below...

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