QUIZ: Pick An Obscure British Food, Get A YouTuber

21 June 2017, 09:49 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

joe sugg

By Benedict Townsend

Oi oi guv'nor, time to point ya peepers at this 'ere right proper little quiz. It's a tasty one, folks. Pick a curious UK delicacy, get a YouTuber.

Easy lads, it's time to pull up a barstool at a little pub called 'The Quiz & Crown' and take a big gulp from a pint of freshly pulled Quiz. Then you should crack open some pork scratchings - which are, of course, actually quiz scratchings - and sing along to that heartwarming anthem we know and love: 'God Save The Quiz'. Pick a strange British foodstuff and we'll gift you a YouTuber. As we say in England, 'bon appétit'.

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