QUIZ: Can You Match The YouTuber To The Reason They Got Kicked Out?

13 July 2017, 15:59 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41


By Liam Dryden

How well can you match up these creators to their crimes?

So there seems to be a recent trend amongst a lot of up-and-coming YouTubers; and it kind of ties in with some weird desire to be "notorious" rather than "famous". Because every day we see someone new bragging (or vlogging) about being kicked out of somewhere.

logan paul kicked out vidcon

Now, we're not one to judge; the videos and tweets can be funny as long as nobody gets hurt. But if ya gonna inconvenience other people for the vlog, then you'd better be prepared to have a quiz made about it. Which, of course, is exactly what we've got for you below. So all you have to do is match up the selected YouTubers with a scenario that. in the past, has caused them to get kicked out. Simple, right?

Oh, and in case you're worrying about us making stuff up; Check below the quiz once you're finished for the receipts. But no cheating...

Take the ultimate quiz of YouTubers getting kicked out below...

Sources for each answer:

Question 1 // Question 2 // Question 3 // Question 4 // Question 5 // Question 6

Question 7 // Question 8 // Question 9 // Question 10 // Question 11 // Question 12

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