QUIZ: Rate These Iconic Vines And We'll Give You A Rare Vine To Watch

27 August 2018, 06:00 | Updated: 2 November 2018, 16:13

Vine Quiz Asset

By Marianne Eloise

Rate these classic Vines to find out which rare Vine you need to watch right now.

Look, it's no secret that we all miss Vine. Vine was like oxygen to us. It was truly the essence of life. Everyone has a favourite Vine that they'll take to their grave with them but as we all know, no two Vines are alike. In fact, there some Vines so rare that even the biggest Vine stans out there have only come across them once in their lifetime.

Rate how much you love these primo Vines and we'll give you one free rare Vine to help ease your Vine separation anxiety.  


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