QUIZ: Is This An Upcoming YouTuber, Or A Stock Image Model?

21 August 2017, 16:12 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

YouTuber Stock Image Quiz

By Liam Dryden

Can you tell what all these young, photogenic individuals are REALLY doing with their lives?

So we'll be the first to admit that big-name YouTubers get the lion's share of exposure on We The Unicorns (hey - it's all you'll click on). But we do want to give some love to the creators who, at this point, are the ones really keeping the community together; especially when the rest of the world seems to be nothing but Team 10 drama. That's right, time for a smaller YouTuber quiz!

smaller youtuber quiz smosh

We've put some up-and-coming creators in the quiz below; and all you have to do is point them out. "Point them out from what?" I hear you ask. Excellent question, Trevor - you have to tell them apart from some equally young, trendy, photogenic stock image models. So don't worry if you get any answers wrong; this is all about finding some cool new creators to watch!

Take the smaller YouTuber quiz below...

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