QUIZ: Can You Remember What the F*ck Happened On YouTube This Week?

26 May 2017, 15:36 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Liam Dryden

Joey Graceffa gets a stellar lineup for his YouTube show and somebody breaks into the iTunes charts - how much weekly YouTube trivia do YOU know?

So it's been a pretty up-and-down week for the world at large; but of course, that doesn't mean the news in the YouTube world takes a rest. Plenty of weird and wonderful stuff has happened this week; from strange Russian music videos to important fundraisers, the community is non-stop. So it's time to test you in your weekly dose of YouTube trivia.

joey graceffa escape the night youtube trivia

How much of this week's YouTube news are you caught up on? Can you get at least 80% in the quiz below? Well prove it!

Take the weekly YouTube triva quiz below...

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