QUIZ: Who Is Your YouTube Boyfriend?

17 February 2017, 11:56

marcus butler

By Lucy Hutchon

Couple G O A L S tho.

"Who is your YouTube boyfriend?" - a question on everyone's lips if Google is anything to go by. Yes, according to the search engine you all blindly type into 24 hours a day, we can tell that you all really want to know which YouTube boy who could be the holder of your heart. So to answer your burning questions, we have the thirsty answers you need.

Everyone on the internet is looking to have absolute #couplegoals, and whether you want to be the next Zalfie or not, we've designed the most scientifically charged quiz aimed at picking your brains to calculate your perfect YouTube bae. We'll find out who you're secretly wishing was your SO, what your favourite type of date is and most importantly.. what type of superpower you would love to have.

Let's be real, you already have your answer in your head right now, so let's just skip all this chatter and find out if we nail it. And don't forget to let us know in the comments below if we get it right!


So have you ever wanted to know? Take this quiz to see who the right one is for you.


Are you the new Janya? Let us know how you did with the best YouTube boyfriend quiz on the internet - and make sure you check out more quizzes on the site to see what other fantasies we can help you achieve!

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