QUIZ: Which YouTuber should you be for Halloween?

24 October 2018, 15:01

Halloween Youtuber
Picture: Zoe Sugg/Shane Dawson/Jeffree Star via Instagram

By Ciara Butterworth

Why dress up as a regular old celeb for Halloween when you can be your fave YouTuber instead?

Listen, Halloween is the most important time of year. It's the one holiday where you can dress up as whatever you damn well please and get your life to that spooky playlist you've been building all year without anyone judging you. But when it comes to actually making a decision about your costume.... yeah, that can take weeks. But don't worry about it sis, because we're here to solve all your problems.

Want to pay tribute to a YouTuber this Halloween but can’t decide which one? Take our quiz to find out which YouTube star you NEED to dress up as this year…