QUIZ: Design Your Perfect Freshers' Week, Get A YouTuber Bestie To Party With

4 July 2017, 15:48 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

freshers week

By Josh Lee

For people who go to university, Freshers' Week is HUGE. Not only are you taking your first steps into (semi) adulthood, you're also getting to know a whole new town or city; as well as the people who will become your second family while you're away from home.

What you do in Freshers' can influence the rest of your life - the people you meet on various nights out or society socials can end up being the best of friends, the worst of enemies, and even perhaps your future spouse. Not that you need to worry about any of that. So long as you have the most fun you can doing exactly what you want to do, the people you meet along the way will most likely be good 'uns.


But every Fresher needs a Fresher bestie to explore their new life with. Someone with a similar outlook on life as you, who'll want to get up to the similar shenanigans and who can support you through the trials and tribulations (and hangovers) of university. And you can find out who your YouTuber Fresher bestie would be by designing your perfect first week at university with our quiz below. Will you be BBFs with Zoe Suggs, frenemies with Jeffree Star, or coffee pals with Dan Howell? There's only one way to find out.

Ready? Let's go.

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