How To Earn Money On Twitch

25 April 2018, 15:49 | Updated: 25 April 2018, 16:21

How to earn money on Twitch
Twitch. Picture: Twitch // Pixabay

By Josh Lee

Twitch is more popular than ever, but can you turn gaming into a career?

Gaming buffs and seasoned content creators from a range of different platforms have been rushing to join Twitch in recent months. Why? Well there are a number of reasons, but with a myriad of different ways to earn a decent income, no matter how large your following, on the livestreaming platform, it's fair to say that money is a big pull. So whether you're looking to hop over from YouTube, or you're a gamer who wants to turn their hobby into a passion, here are all the ways you can earn money on Twitch.

How to earn money through Twitch

Game sales

Games companies will share profits on games that are sold via links in streams by affiliates and partners (more info on these below).

Pros: it's a really simple way to earn some dollar

Cons: it's competitive as hell.

Earn money through adverts

The most accessible way to earn money on Twitch is through ad revenue. Unlike YouTube, you don't need a minimum number of subscribers to start earning, but obviously the more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to earn big bucks. Streamers can expect to earn anywhere between $0.70-$2.50 per 1000 vies from an ad placement (depending on the size of your viewership, and you can choose how many adverts run during your livestream to maximize your earnings - up to one per eight minutes of streaming.

Pros: Easy money if you have a big audience

Cons: You have to be part of the Twitch Partner Programme (see below) to be eligible.

The Twitch Partner Programme

For those who have built a decent audience and are ready to take their gaming career a little more seriously, there's the Twitch Partner Programme. This allows you to start charging a $4.99 per month for your viewers to view your streams ad-free, with the subscription also allowing viewers to to send emoticons in chats, have their usernames broadcasted during streams, and access a subscriber-only chat mode. The $4.99 subscription fee is currently split 50/50 between streamers and the platform itself, meaning you can make a pretty decent $2.50 a month per subscription.

Pros: Helps build an engaged community, provides regular income

Cons: You need an average concurrent viewership of 500+ and a regular broadcast schedule of three times a week MINIMUM.

The Twitch Affiliate Programme

The Twitch Affiliate Programme allows almost anyone to earn (a modest) income from streaming. Streamers on the Affiliate Programme allows your viewers to cheer you with "bits" which is similar to giving you a cash tip, as well as the ability to have subscribers (similar to the Partner Programme). Being on the Affiliate programme also allows you to create your own Emote to help with your branding.

Pros: Highly accessible, you only need:

- 8 hours of streaming in the last 30 days

- At least 7 streams in the last 30 days

- An average of three viewers per stream


Cons: You don't earn that much.

Migrating from YouTube

If you've earned your silver play button on YouTube (that's over 100,000 subscribers, you can hop straight over to the Twitch Partner Programme without having to achieve the usual minimum criteria. As well as 100,000 subs you also need to have 15,000+ views per video on average

Pros: Really useful for established YouTubers

Cons: Not at all useful for anyone else.


Patreon allows your supporters to subscribe to your work for a regular fee that you decide. You can either charge people a monthly subscription, or set your Patreon to draw money from your patrons every time you share a specific number of content pieces. Patreon is separate to Twitch, so you don't need to fulfil any criteria to be eligible - you just need to find people who want to give you dosh! You can dream up perks to help encourage fans to become patrons, too.

Pros: No minimum subscriber requirement

Cons: While there's no minimum subscriber requirement in theory, you need highly engaged, loyal fans to really start to build a meaningful Patreon income. Some people find using Patreon on Twitch controversial, but that's entirely subjective.

How often will I be paid from Twitch?

Twitch pays out streamers every 45 days.

Is there a minimum amount of money required to get a payout

Yes, Twitch will only pay in sums of $100 of more


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