Jeffree Star's Private Info Just Got Hacked And Leaked Online

11 December 2017, 10:54 | Updated: 2 February 2018, 09:41

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star. Picture: Jeffree Star

By Josh Lee

Jeffree Star described the leak as a "violation"

Jeffree Star was the victim of a data hack yesterday, after a member of staff at cosmetics store Sephora allegedly hacked into the YouTubers account and leaked sensitive information about his spending habits.

On Sunday, a twitter account allegedly belonging to a Sephora at staff member shared information about how many points Jeffree had accumulated at Sephora, as well as how much money he has spent there. According to the twitter account belonging to popular YouTube gossip channel Here For The Tea, the staff member attempted to sell the personal info too.

"It's crazy how some people have NO respect," Jeffree tweeted on the December 10th, shortly after the leak became widely known. "Emplyeed of stores will look up our information and publicly tweet that information. This is unacceptable," he added.

Apologising for the privacy breach, Sephora assured Jeffree that they "take... privacy concerns very seriously" and are "looking into" the indecent.

This isn't the first time Jeffree Star has had personal or private information leaked

Just six months ago another Sephora employee was fired after they gained access to Jeffree Star's phone number and text him.

Despite feeling "violated" by the breach, Jeffree maintained that he still loved Sephora. "Just really upset with another employee crossing boundaries," he said.