These Are The 10 Best Pictures Of Troye Sivan With His Clothes On

16 September 2016, 09:51 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You're about to get real shook.

So we wanna let you in on a little secret... at the end of each working day, we can tell which articles of ours are performing better than others. We've known it since day one, and we found some rather interesting results yesterday when y'all made it 100% clear that you wanted to see some Troye Sivan nudes. So today we've decided to cleanse your sinful souls with some pictures of Troye with his clothes on.

We've rounded up 10 of our favourite images of Troye Sivan when he's all dressed up and looking smart because this talented man needs to be applauded regardless of what he has (or hasn't) got on his body. Sure, everyone may be searching for his nudes right now, but remember you gotta #RespectTroye and never share his intimate pictures if you think it's going to be against his will. NOW - let's begin!


We had to include this image of Troye Sivan flashing off those pearly whites.


[Source: SBS]


A smouldering, aesthetic look anybody?


[Source: Wild EP]


Whilst he seems to be shedding his clothes in this picture, but he's still lookin' nice and wholesome.


[Source: OUT Magazine]


These eyes and that curly hair combination will slay all your competition Troye.


[Source: FanPop]


Ah, the iconic beanie and flower picture. We'd be fools for not appreciating Troye's clothes in this one.


[Source: Pinterest]


That goddamn smile. Gets us every time.


[Source: Billboard]


Is this Troye possibly alluding to his nudes leak here? Is he asking people in the audience to promise not to share them by crossing their fingers?! We'll never know.


[Source: Twitter]


Boy oh boy is Troye wearing some mighty fine clothes in this picture.


[Source: Idolator]


This is possibly our favourite picture of fully-clothed Troye Sivan... in case you were wondering such a thing.


[Source: Pride]


And finally, this wonderful leather jacket is keeping Troye warm and protected from the burning summer's sun. Good choice Sivan.


[Source: The Last]


But what do YOU think - are there any images we've missed from our considerations? If you can think of any pictures of Troye Sivan with his clothes on that are way better than ours, let us know in the comments below!