10 Facts We Bet You Forgot About Harley Morenstein

20 July 2016, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Imogen Ogden

Food, food and more food.

Harley Morenstein is known for many, many things. Whether it be for his hairy giant-like appearance (friendly giant though) or his insanely bonkers food habits, we've all had Harley grace our screens at some point. With over 8 millions YouTube subscribers and his own TV show called 'Epic Meal Time' Harley is one very cool man. So just in case you have forgotten (or ever will forget) how stupidly talented this guy is, we've come up with ten facts that will test just how well you know Mr. Food-o-holic and make him your newest favourite guy. Prepare to feel VERY hungry after reading these facts. *cue belly grumble*

1. Before he was a YouTube sensation and had his own TV show, Harley Mornenstein worked as a substitute teacher!

We can't imagine many kids misbehaving in that class.


2. His inspiration for his TV show 'Epic Meal Time' came from his love for the Baconator burger at Wendy's.

We love burgers too Harley so we TOTALLY get that.


3. Harley's favourite food is burgers



4. His first 'Epic Meal Time' episode was based on making the worst pizza ever

- Which had around 6000 calories in it. Thats a CRAZY amount..... we would still probably eat it though, its pizza after all!


5. If he could be any mythical creature it would be a unicorn.

Brilliant choice Harley!


6. Harley is obsessed with bacon

Bacon is everything. Bacon is life.



7. He actually tried it as a rap star on YouTube

- before he found his calling for food.



8. SMOSH is his favourite YouTube channel

Must be all those pink frosted sprinkled donuts.


9. He Has Written His Own Kids Show

But before he could start filming it he came up with the idea for 'Epic Meal Time'. We're sad we won't ever get to see it now.


10. Finally, if Harley could have any superpower it would be telepathy

Which we agree would be totally awesome.


Do you also wish you were a mind reading, bacon loving unicorn? If so let us know in the comments below and tell us how well you really know Harley Morenstein!