The 10 Funniest Women On Vine That You Need To Be Following

15 October 2015, 13:31 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Nessa Dinneen

Women aren't funny - say what?!

If anyone ever tries to tell you that women aren’t funny - well first they need a slap in the face - and then you need to show them this list.

These gals are not only incredibly talented, they can fit straight-up masterpieces into a mere 6 seconds. They are revolutionising comedy for women in a world that repeatedly tells us that we’re not as funny as men.

Keep slayin’ the game sistas.


1). Arielle Vanderburg 

Arielle was already a pretty established figure in the world of showbiz before Vine came along. A TV actress from LA, she’s also known for being the ex of Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner! Oh yeah, and her vines are amazing.


2). Sara Hopkins

We love Sara because she’s cute and effortlessly funny, but what makes her stand out from the rest is her scarily spot-on dolphin impressions.


3). Lizzza

Lizzza is one of the fastest growing vine stars, with her current following standing at a whopping 3.6 million. We absolute split our sides laughing every time we watch her iconic butterly vine.


4). Kaley Yo

Kaley Yo doesn’t have as massive a following as someone of the other ladies on this list but she gets honourary mention for the most beautifully crafted vine in the entire universe. It's such perfection that it's near impossible to stop watching.


5). Tia Valentine

We love Tia because she’s the queen of sass and everything we want to be and more. We are definitely whipping out this comeback when anyone expresses their lame-ass views around us.


6). Manon Matthews

Manon is an all-singing all-dancing vine-making machine but if there’s one thing that we love her for it’s her ridiculously accurate Kristen Stewart impressions.


7). Allegra Masters

Vine seems to have been made for uberly talented people like Allegra Masters. Her vines are so good they've gained the attention of talent managers in LA, where she is now after moving to pursue her acting career. Not to mention her Lana Del Rey vines absolutely slay us.


8). LeLe Pons

This Venezuelan viner is the second most followed woman on the site and the first viner to break the billion loops mark. It’s no surprise really when her are vines are just so funny that we can’t...stop...watching...


9). Simone Shepherd

Known for her spot-on Beyoncé impressions, Simone is easily one of the most popular women on Vine. Writing and producing her own content - her amazing six seconds of sass have even captured the attention of the folks at SNL.


10). Brittany Furlan

Brittany is the most popular woman on vine, with her currently following standing at a whopping 9.6 million. She often teams up with other vine stars, particularly her best friend Simone Shepherd, to make some bad-ass collaborations. She's currently working with Seth Green to develop a new comedy sketch show.