10 Reasons Thomas Sanders Is A Ray Of Sunshine In This Dark World

21 April 2016, 15:04 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Here's EXACTLY why Thomas Sanders will save the world with the power of positivity!

We have a lot of faves at We The Unicorns, that we love to feature on a regular basis; but we were shocked, aghast, and dare we say ashamed that one of our low-key faves, the meteroically popular Thomas Sanders, hadn't been given his fair share of attention on the site.

SO HERE WE GO. Here's just ten gosh darn things we love about the singing, storytelling, #relatable rising star of Vine, YouTube and Tumblr...

1. His acting range is frustratingly good.

In one Vine he's a convincing high school student - the next one he's a convincing teacher?! STOP.


2. He's already pals with your YouTube faves!

It helps to be the most likeable person on the internet; but with his own YouTube channel, Thomas is fitting in quite nicely with the creator community!


3. He cares about your mental health.

Not only that - he can sum up everything wrong with the stigma behind it in just six seconds.



4. #StoryTime is an honest to goodness gift to the world.

The people of America are always on the lookout for a charming narrator for their basic lives.


5. He has no time for heteronormative nonsense.

You thought!

6. He knows your name!

If you're on Vine, Thomas probably has a #ShoutoutSunday for you.


7. He sings like a goddamn Disney prince.

Seriously, @Disney, you're missing a trick by not hiring this guy for something...

8. Even his beef is super-charming.

The rivalry between YouTube and Vine becomes much less dramatic when you turn it into a musical.


9. He has, like, a LOT of time for you.

Even while making content like a machine, Thomas always takes time to talk, offer genuine advice, and be very empathetic towards his fans.


10. He's just so dang relatable.

And isn't that the true hallmark of a great creator?