5 Reasons Lindsey Stirling Is The Musical Hero We Need And Deserve

8 April 2016, 12:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Friendly reminder that Lindsey Stirling is a dancing violin-toting elf queen and your fave could never.

Hello, have you heard about our musical saviour Lindsey Stirling? Of course you have, she's one of the biggest artists to come from the YouTube world.

In the highly unlikely event you've missed out before now, let us fill you in: Lindsey Stirling is a violin artist who has lowkey been dominating the YouTube world and the music industry with a unique blend of music often called "violin dubstep". But that's just the short version: here's just five more elaborate reasons she's basically the greatest...


She makes ALL music 3x better.

If your favourite songs didn't have a violin before, then you don't know what was missing. Lindsey's compositions add about 150% more emotion to any song and we're 150% feeling it.

Need proof? Check out her duet on the iconic "All Of Me" with John Legend himself!


Her collabs are always ????.

It's not just pop legends Lindsey works with - other music stars who have started on YouTube and launched into the mainstream have had the violin treatment too!

If you feel like watching a collab that's a little more exciting than another Accent Challenge, try Lindsey's epic Game Of Thrones video with Peter Hollens, her Mission Impossible rework with the Piano Guys... or this mind-blowing Imagine Dragons cover with our a capella faves, Pentatonix!


Her music videos are HUGE.

She doesn't have the crazy dedicated upload schedule that you may be familiar with from other big YouTubers - but when you tour as often as Lindsey, you probably don't have a lot of time to make videos as impressive as her music releases.

Besides, in this case, it's always quality over quantity - her production value has gotten bigger and better as the years have passed. Don't believe us? In this medley for Dragon Age she fights off a literal freakin' dragon with her violin!


She's a big nerd.

Star Wars, Skyrim, Lord of the Rings... Lindsey's never been a stranger to scores from some of the biggest pop culture franchises out there. And who can blame her, when it gives her a chance to dress up, play violin and dance in some of the most breathtaking locations?

An iconic favourite of ours is Lindsey's medley from The Legend Of Zelda series; and if you watch it below, you'll understand why!


Lastly: her dancing!!

Perhaps the most impressive thing Lindsey does in her entire repertoire is dance. And not just dancing on its own: dancing while playing violin! Most of us can barely hold a tune while standing still.

She's been doing it long before she was a YouTube sensation, but as she has toured and created more elaborate videos, Lindsey has acquired a an awesome dance troupe to back her up. Check them all out together in the stunning video for her original son "Stars Align"!