7 Secrets To Jim Chapman’s Success You Need To Know

6 July 2016, 11:49 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Aysen Miller

We really think we've cracked it.

The most important question in the world right now: How do all these YouTubers get so much success? Yeah we're happy for them and all that, but we'd all like a bit of the action too sometimes, right?! Let's take Jim Chapman for example; with sisters Pixiwoo launching their beauty channel, and girlfriend Tanya Burr creating her own YouTube fame, it's no surprise that Jim has followed suit.

With a following of over 3.5 million people, a modelling career and his very own column with GQ Magazine, I'm sure you're all wondering how did he go from awkward East Anglia graduate to internet celebrity in just a few years? We have compiled what we believe are the top seven secrets to Jack's YouTube success.


1. Be yourself: "I make my living by filming my everyday life and uploading it to the internet."



2. Collaboration is key, and to be honest, Jim is the KING of collaboration.



3. Have a main channel that focuses your main interest: j1mmyb0bba = men's fashion and pop culture + vlogsbyjim = regular Q&As.; 


4. Engage the audience and share relevant content that they'll enjoy. Jim started off in 2010 with a festival camping tips video, perfect for teens that summer!



5. Personality over content - basically, don't just whack any old rubbish up online, tailor it to your personality and your fan will immediately connect.



6. Be memorable/have a slogan: #askjim #awfuladvice



7. Visuals are everything, so pick a trademark style/edit/background and stick to it because brand recognition will take you a loooong way.



So maybe if we take some of these tips on board, we'll all be internet celebrities before we know it! But one at a time please, after all, we have to write about these lovely people all day long and we can't handle a million more overnight.