Use These 8 Brand New YouTuber Reaction GIFs To Slay Every Convo

17 November 2015, 14:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

We Made These Just For You

If a picture paints a thousand words then how many words does a gif paint? 15,4378, that's how many. You can do the maths yourself, it checks out. For this reason and more: Gifs are awesome. The only problem with them is there ain't enough. AND WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN A FRIEND MESSAGES YOU AND YOU WANT TO REPLY? USE WORDS? LIKE SOME SORT OF PEASANT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA, YOU'RE FIRED, GET OUT!

No, only a gif will do - but you can't find the right one! Now you could make your own, but why do it yourself when you could leave it to people who are (inexplicably) paid to do that for a living? We've whipped up 8 brand new reaction gifs you can steal and use to your heart's content! Enjoy:


1. Baffled Dan Is Baffled

Let's say you rejoin a group convo after a quick break and find that your friends have moved onto some other completely random topic. Say you post something cool online and someone replies with something hugely offensive for no particular reason. Say there's some new internet trend that no one has explained to you yet. In all of these situations, and more - you need Baffled Dan.



2. Jenna Marbles Disagrees Wholeheartedly

That's gonna be a no, actually.




3. Nice-Smell PewDiePie Likes What He Smells

This is great for when things smell nice or even good.




4. Purchase Phil Enjoys Products And/Or Services

This is good for when you want to express that you want to purchase something.




5. Tyler Oakley Wants To Say Hello

Yeah I'm doing pretty good, you?



6. Wilford Warfstache Wants You Be Fully Murdered

This is perfect for when your friend decides to send you a picture of some giant Australian spider because apparently they think that's funny.




7. JackSepticEye Needs To Be Somewhere That Isn't Here

This is useful when you find yourself talking to someone you absolutely did not plan/want to talk to.




8. Joe Sugg Just Wants to Reassure You That Things Are Totally Going According To Plan

Right on track. Just swell. 10/10.