8 YouTubers Who Made It In Mainstream Media

8 September 2015, 17:04 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

youtubers in mainstream media

By Liam Dryden

For so many fans and creators alike, becoming a successful YouTuber is the ultimate goal. But for others, there are higher levels of success to achieve; making it on TV, in movies and in music are all appealing to everybody. but just how many of your faves on YouTube have actually made the jump into mainstream media? We picked out a quick list of some of the best examples...

1. Troye Sivan

Troye has been posting various bits of music and vlogs to his channel since he was at least 13 years old. Now, seven years on, he is a fully-fledged musician with a Vevo channel (very official); and after charting on iTunes with his last EP TRXYE, he's at the level where getting a shoutout fromTaylor Swift for his latest release WILD is just all in a day's work!


2. Grace Helbig

Grace has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to do comedy in the mainstream; and earlier this year, E! gave her the opportunity to show what she could do with her own show. The first season of The Grace Helbig Show ran until June, and featured a mix of Grace's YouTuber pals and celebrity guests such as Jack Black, Aisha Tyler and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson.

Another season is dubious, but with superhero series Electra Woman & Dyna Girl coming soon with her pal Hannah Hart, we can't wait to see what else Grace can do!


3. Anna Akana

In just a couple of years, Anna Akana has had an insane rise to YouTube stardom with her hilarious relatable vlogging. And at the speed she's going, has already burst into the mainstream as an actor (you might recognise her from a brief scene in Ant-Man), a filmmaker (she debuted short film Loose Ends at LA's Downtown Independent Theatre last month), and even runs her own clothing line, Ghost and Stars. There's apparently no stopping Anna this year, and there's still plenty of 2015 left!


4. Emma Blackery

Emma's no-nonsense approach to her vlogging, as well as her A+ pop punk musical style, has gotten her a lot of attention in the rock world. Not only has her music charted on iTunes and the UK Rock & Metal Singles chart, but she has also spent some time touring with former Busted and Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson. Also, she's become a regular favourite of British rock magazine Kerrang!.


5. Flula Borg

German musician and vlogger Flula is best known for his bizarre yet completely winning personality; and it turns out that  translates really well onto the big screen. You might have seen him in cinemas alongside Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson earlier this year, as he tears up the international a capella scene as Pieter Krämer in the epic Pitch Perfect 2.


6. Justin Bieber

Everybody wants to forget that J-Biebz got his start on YouTube waaay back when; but just because he never posted a challenge video to his channel doesn't make his origin any less legitimate. But we probably don't need to tell you much more about his success story, just jam out to his latest single "What Do You Mean?" above and see for yourself.


7. Todrick Hall

Not only did Todrick  make it to the semi-finals of American Idol back in 2010, but he's been on and off of Broadway ever since. If you haven't already been charmed by Todrick's Disney-infused musical mastery on his YouTube channel, you're missing out; not to worry, you can catch him on MTV, where they've given him his own series!


8. Zoella

With her ever-expanding empire of videos, beauty products and novels, "Zoe Sugg" has practically become a household name in the UK. If confused parents across the country are still coming to terms with why their teens are obsessed with this girl from the internet, then her appearance in Comic Relief's celebrity edition of The Great British Bake-Off earlier this year is a hilarious start.