"Acid Attack" YouTube Prankster Vows To "Push The Boundaries Until I Get A Million Views"

6 February 2018, 11:41

YouTube Acid Attack prankster Arya Mosallah
YouTube prankster Arya Mosallah. Picture: BBC // YouTube

By Josh Lee

A YouTuber who was criticised for throwing bottles of water in unsuspecting people's faces - a prank that many found reminiscent of the recent spate of acid attacks in London - has vowed to continue pranking.

Last month, YouTuber Arya Mosallah was condemned on social media after he shared a video to YouTube showing him "pranking" Londoners by shooting water in their faces from a bottle. With the threat acid attacks in London at an all-time high - attacks using noxious liquids have increased by 78% in the past two years alone - many believed the "prank" would cause undue distress to members of the public.

Arya apologised for the acid attack style prank in an interview with BBC Trending, explaining that he didn't intend for the prank to resemble an acid attack.

"We didn't even think of like anything like that at all," he told BBC Trending. "I've never once mentioned anything about acid in the video. I could have said 'acid attack prank', but never once have I ever said anything like that. Not in the title, not in the description below or even the comments."

"To everyone and the acid attack victim who criticised me, I do apologise. I didn't mean for the video to be seen in that way."

However, Arya added that he won't stop shooting extreme pranks

"I'll push the boundaries until I get a million views... because what YouTubers like to see is views," he said. "Honestly they don't care about the dislikes or the comments, nothing like that, as long as they get the views they want that's it. They're happy. And I was happy with the views I was getting."