Daniel Howell's Brother Adrian Now Has A YouTube Channel

29 August 2018, 12:07 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 09:16

Adrian Howell and Dan Howell
Adrian Howell and Dan Howell. Picture: Adrian Howell / Dan Howell

By Mia Collins

Years after he was forced offline due to constant harassment, Adrian Howell is back with his own YouTube channel.

Adrian Howell, younger brother of YouTube sensation Daniel Howell, has returned to the internet with a promising photography career.

Years after obsessive fans forced him offline due to constant harassment, Adrian is back with a public Instagram account and his own YouTube channel. Unless you’re an internet veteran, the chances are you won’t recall this dark time in Phandom history, so let me break it down for you.

What happened?

If you’re part of any fandom, you’re probably aware that sometimes things can get a bit out of control. Maybe your fave actor gets a new girlfriend, or a band you love releases a song that’s mediocre at best. Naturally, we take to the internet to voice our opinions, but we seldom consider how the person reading it may respond. We spend so much time online that we sometimes feel a sense of entitlement to who we stan, and this often leads to toxic results.

Back in the long forgotten time of 2013, the Phandom was in its prime. It was the year Dan and Phil reached the 1 million subscriber milestone on their respective YouTube channels. All was well until, out of the blue, a Tumblr account belonging to Adrian appeared. It didn’t take long for the internet detectives to find out Adrian was none other than Dan’s brother.

Adrian was quickly bombarded with messages, and ended up deactivating his account as a result. He left Tumblr with a parting message: “ok whatever i seriously give up. i couldn’t give a f**k about what you have to say about me or my brother and this is my own blog, i’ve had enough of f**king ‘danosaurs’ harassing me now but just over 2 days i’ve had 77 asks which are all somehow related to him and i’m seriously f**cking sick of it now. if you want to ask him something then do it on his own blog and not mine, this is for me to reblog/post what i want to and not for you to constantly interrogate me about my fucking brother, goodbye.”

Honestly, Adrian’s response was completely understandable. He was a 15-year-old individual on the internet who had been dubbed as nothing other than somebody’s brother. Can you imagine the frustration he must’ve felt?

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What’s Adrian doing now?

These days, Adrian is a student photographer and filmmaker, and his work looks pretty awesome. He also has a YouTube channel with over 24k subscribers at the time of writing, and his most recent upload is a Q&A where he talks about filmmaking and some of his other interests.

Where can we find his work?

Adrian publishes his photography on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, and he has a website where you can purchase prints of his work. Additionally, you can find some of his films over on his YouTube channel.





If anything, this should be a tale of caution on how not to act on the internet. Fans love to feel close to their idols, but situations like this cause huge rifts in that relationship. For a long time, the Phandom was divided between those filled with guilt for causing Adrian to delete his Tumblr page, and everybody else who was furious at them for doing so. It’s lucky that Adrian has moved on and is willing to give the internet another chance.

TL;DR - Adrian Howell is more than Dan’s brother, and it’s time for the Phandom to close this chapter once and for all. We wish Adrian the best of luck with his future, and hope the internet treats him more kindly this time around.