Who Is Alex Bertie? Meet The Transgender YouTube Star Who's Making Serious Waves In The Mainstream

9 November 2017, 16:55 | Updated: 15 November 2017, 12:12

Alex Bertie headshot
Alex Bertie. Picture: Comiccon

By Josh Lee

After becoming a lifeline for thousands of transgender kids via his YouTube channel, Alex Bertie spreading his story even further with his book, "Transmission: My Quest to a Beard"

Who is Alex Bertie?

Hailing from the coastal county of Dorset, England, 22-year-old Alex Bertie began uploading vlogs to YouTube back in 2013. Over the course of four years, Alex has introduced the world to relationships, tattoos, pets, siblings and everything else that 22-year-olds tend to vlog about.

But what Alex is best known for - and the reason he's become something of a guiding light to many of his 300,000 subscribers - is his transition, which he has documented through YouTube.

Here's Alex with boyfriend Jake Edwards at 2017's Summer In The City.

'Local trans cuties' - @jakeftmagic @therealalexbertie #SITC2017

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In a world where transgender kids are offered very few - if any - resources about gender identity and transitioning, Alex Bertie's YouTube channel has been a lifeline.

From the basics of binding to prosthetic penises, Alex's no holds barred approach to sharing his transition has made him something of an online big brother to many transgender kids and teens. His videos documenting his thoughts and feelings before and after top surgery - as well as the physical changes that come with the operation - alone have been watched well over 500,000 times.

But aside from the physical aspects of transitioning, Alex's willingness to be open about his fears and hopes in regards to transitioning - as well as the happiness that comes with discovering and living as your fullest self - has given viewers the chance to see the life of a transgender person in an authentic and personal way, ups, downs, excitement and banality all included. As he said in a recent interview, "I want people to understand this is a very difficult journey and not just for the people going through it, but for their families and friends."

Alex Bertie's new book

With his new book, Transmission: My Quest to a Beard, Alex is taking the candid approach to discussing his identity that proved so popular on YouTube offline and into the mainstream. A number 1 best-seller on Amazon, Alex's book documents the highs and lows of coming out and growing up as a transgender man. With an army of online supporters and a growing profile IRL, Alex's name is very much on the rise.

What are Alex Bertie's social media handles?

You can follow Alex on Twitter (Alex_Bertie) and Instagram/YouTube (TheRealAlexBertie)