Popular Travel Vloggers Dead Following Tragic Waterfall Accident

6 July 2018, 11:07

Alex Lykah (left) and Ryker Gamble (right)
Alex Lykah (left) and Ryker Gamble (right). Picture: YouTube // Wikipedia

By Josh Lee

The "High on Life" vloggers got into trouble while exploring Shannon Falls in Canada.

Two YouTubers from the popular travel channel "High On Life" have died in a tragic waterfall accident.

Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh, who founded the channel over six years ago, were exploring Canada's Sharon Falls on Tuesday 3rd July when the accident happened. According to the National Post, Alex's girlfriend Megan Scraper, who also died in the accident, slipped and fell in one of the waterfall's many pool systems. When Ryker and Alex attempted to rescue her, they too were swept away into a pool system 30 metres below.

A search mission continued for almost two days after the accident, but on Wednesday evening authorities announced that they had recovered their bodies.

Along with Parker Heuser and Justis Price Brown, "High On Life" found popularity on YouTube and Instagram their their travel adventures and stunts at famous landmarks and nature parks. In 2016, Alex and Ryker were banned from US federal lands for five years after breaking several safety laws at Yellowstone National Park.