Alfie Deyes Apologises After "Living Off £1" Vlog Sparks Outrage

15 June 2018, 10:13 | Updated: 15 June 2018, 10:53

Alfie Deyes sparks outrage with "Living Off £1" vlog
Alfie Deyes sparks outrage with "Living Off £1" vlog. Picture: Jeff Spicer / Stringer

By Josh Lee

Alfie was accused of "making poverty a game" in his latest vlog

Alfie Deyes has issued an apology after his latest vlog sparked outrage online.

Yesterday, Alfie shared a video called "Living Off £1 For A Day," in which he swapped his lavish lifestyle for just £1. But during the challenge Alfie was able to use petrol to drive and took a personal training session - all things that cost far more than the allotted £1.

Alfie was accused of being out of touch, with many criticising him for complaining that he has to drink tap water instead of bottled. He was also criticised for not using the vlog to raise awareness about real poverty, and publishing the vlog on the one year anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy, which disproportionately affected poorer people.

In response, Alfie apologised and changed the title of the vlog to "Spending £1 In 24 hours."

"I just got to Twitter to some people are unhappy with the video I jut uploaded," Alfie wrote in a note shared to Twitter. "I'm so sorry if this has upset you, that was never my intention. I'd seen many others do this video recently and wanted to try it myself. Some people ave seen the video as me mocking others, which I for sure was not going in the video."