Alfie Deyes Went On The Crystal Maze And Things Got Wild

11 June 2018, 16:21 | Updated: 11 June 2018, 16:35

alfie deyes crystal maze video
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

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Alfie Deyes took part in a special charity edition of classic British gameshow 'The Crystal Maze'. The show has made a recent comeback and features an intrepid team of adventures solving various puzzles to try and gain the eponymous crystals.

Joining Alfie on this episode was actress Jorgie Porter, olympian Kelly Holmes, olympian Greg Rutherford and musician Big Narstie. Marking the first and last time that Alfie Deyes and Big Narstie will ever be in the same room.

Watch Alfie in action right here:

This is not the first time a YouTuber has appeared on a gameshow. Alfie's longtime girlfriend Zoe Sugg appeared on a special edition of the Great British Bake Off, Tyler Oakley was on The Amazing Race and Alfie himself was joined by Joe Sugg and Marcus Butler on Release The Hounds - to name just a few instances.