Alfie Deyes Has Got A Matching Tattoo With His Dad And It's So Cute

29 August 2018, 17:11 | Updated: 29 August 2018, 17:21

Alfie Deyes
Alfie Deyes. Picture: @alfiedeyes

By Callum Ison

Alfie hasn't officially unveiled the tattoos yet but it looks like fans have already found a picture of the design

YouTube star Alfie Deyes has taken to Twitter to announce he is getting a matching tattoo with his dad.

Alfie Deyes tweeted yesterday (Aug 28) that he was getting his tattoo and was “so excited to sit down and edit the footage for my next video!”

The tattoo, which was designed by PointlessBlog himself, has been kept a secret from his fans but Deyes did post a photo of his dad on Insta stories getting the ink by tattoo artist Joey Deboer, who is the same person who did Alfie's first tattoo at the start of the year.

Alfie Deyes' dad getting a tattoo
Alfie Deyes' dad getting a tattoo. Picture: Alfie Deyes

While Alfie has remained tight-lipped on the design on social media, it looks like a fan might have accidentally leaked the design of the tattoo.

Alfie stopped for a photo with a fan (as he always does) while in Amsterdam and if you look closely in the photo below, you can see a tattoo on his right upper forearm and it appears to be a triangular arrow design. It's in a similar position to where Alfie's dad is seen getting his tattoo.

Bumped into my pal Alfie didn't I 👌

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Let's get a closer look at that...

Alfie Deyes Tattoo
Alfie Deyes Tattoo. Picture: itsme_holly

This would be the second tattoo on Alfie’s forearm following the first, which he got in February 2018 which was a “Why?” design.

We're still not 100% sure on this but the tattoo will be confirmed later today/tomorrow on the PointlessBlogVlogs channel, so keep your eyes pealed.

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