Alfie Deyes responds to rumours about split with Zoella

15 October 2018, 13:04 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:43

Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg
Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Alfie Deyes has responded on Twitter to rumours that him and Zoe Sugg have split up.

Zalfie were probably one of the first YouTube couples that people really stanned, and who can blame them? In 2012, they pretty much cemented themselves as YouTube royalty. Cute beauty guru Zoe Sugg and the charming vlogger Alfie Deyes. They're wholesome, adorable, and had the cutest Instagram couple pics out there. So you can imagine the devastation when rumours were flying round that they had broken up - just after their 6 year anniversary too!

The rumours seem to have started when fans speculated that the couple haven't been spending as much time together recently with Alfie on a family holiday without Zoe. Alfie's last Instagram post with Zoe was at the end of September, and Zoe's last post with Alfie was way back on 5th August.

But, if you were worried that your favourite couple had split up, fear not. All has been set straight, Alfie has tweeted that the couple are all good, and that just because sometimes they're apart for a few days, it doesn't mean they've split up or fallen out.

It's a fair point - no one can expect two people to be together 24/7, even if they are in a relationship. They have their own lives and businesses! And besides, Zoe was in Alfie's latest vlog posted 5 days ago, and they look pretty happy to me.

Anyway, fans were both very happy that Zalfie is still going strong, and told speculators to keep their noses out.

Although some of them did misread the tweet and panic.

...And some people just wondered how Zalfie have been together for so long without getting engaged.

Zoe and Alfie have opened up about the ups and downs of their relation in the past - their relationship also hasn't always been smooth sailing. Zoe said once in an interview that sometimes the pair feel pressure on their relationship and want to 'punch each other in the head'. RELATABLEEEEEEE!

Now that we know for sure everything is good in the Zalfie household, we can all move on.