Alfie And Zoella Reveal The Thing They Argue About Most

23 July 2018, 11:10

Alfie Deyes and Zoella
Alfie Deyes and Zoella. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

Things aren't always perfect

They may be one of the internet's most powerful couples, but, when it comes to bickering, Zoella and Alfie Deyes are just like any other boyfriend and girlfriend.

In a new Q&A vlog posted this weekend, the couple revealed that they can be prone to arguments at times, with work-related issue being the thing they most often butt heads about.

“I think most of our arguments are probably work related," Zoë explained during their vlog. "We live together, we work in the same industry, in the same office, we both do the same thing..."

It sounds like a lot of treading on toes, even for the most patient of couples! But according to Zoella, being in each other's work space too often was, at one point, the least of their concerns, as it was Alfie's daily vlogging that put pressure on their relationship.

"Do you remember when we used to argue a bit about when you would daily blog?" Zoë recalled to Alfie "Because obviously that’s very intense for any couple, like, I commend any families that can daily vlog.”

Watch the rest of Alfie and Zoella's relationship Q&A below:

It's not the first time Zoella and Alfie have been open about the problems they deal with in their relationship. In an interview with Glamour earlier this year, Zoella revealed that she feels "pressure" on their relationship at times. "But we know when to talk, and when to give each other space," she said.