Playboy And Justin Bieber; How Amanda Cerny Rose To Fame

9 May 2017, 16:05 | Updated: 12 February 2018, 11:02

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

She's had quite the life so far!

You may recognise Amanda Cerny's name from her now infamous friendship and subsequent fall out with Lele Pons, however there's a lot more to the social media star than that. As well as her modelling career, Amanda is known for comedy Vines, her YouTube channel, her status as a fitness social media influencer and  - most recently - her acting career.

If you feel like you're missing out, here's why Amanda Cerny has become so popular and how she become so famous.

Before turning to Vine, Amanda became pretty well known after being featured in Playboy

Amanda Cerny was Playmate of the Month in Playboy back in October 2011, the same year as the likes of Anna Sophia Berglund and Jessa Hinton. We'd love to show you more images from Amanda's Playboy shoot but the rest were absolutely not suitable for work (we found out the hard way).

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Before Vine closed, Amanda had gained over 4.6 million followers on Vine

Known for her comical clips, Amanda became a hugely popular star on the platform and collaborated with the likes of King Bach, Lele Pons and Logan Paul. If you weren't switched on to Amanda during her Vine peak, here's a round-up of some of her best six second videos:

Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons infamously had a falling out- and the police were later called.

Despite collaborating in the past and being two of the biggest names in Vine comedy, things haven't always gone well for Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons. In 2016, Amanda noticed some of her most popular YouTube videos and Instagram posts vanishing from their various platforms, after initially blaming it on tech glitches, Amanda later accused Lele of being the person deleting her posts. At a party in August 2016, Amanda apparently caught Lele with her phone and saw her deleting things.

After calling Lele out on social media, Amanda uploading this image which caused Lele to call the police ... seriously.

amanda cerny

Nothing came of the police visit and it appears as if the pair haven't made up.

As well as appearing in Playboy, Amanda has also been a magazine cover girl.

After her 2011 Playboy feature, Amanda was in front of the camera once again when she was featured on the cover of Dopeness magazine. Showing her tearing through pink paper in a bikini, the cover story was titled 'Comedic Fury in Beautiful Packaging' and we're inclined to agree.

Amanda Cerny

Amanda was rumoured to be dating Justin Bieber at one point...

In July 2016, Amanda and Justin were spotted hanging out in West Hollywood. Amanda later uploaded a Vine of herself singing along to Guns N Roses as Justin dances. Seemingly it was a short lived romance. Here's a Vine they made together:


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