Ariana Grande Shaded Gabi Demartino After Her Latest Video

23 July 2018, 12:39

Gabi DeMartino and Ariana Grande
Gabi DeMartino and Ariana Grande. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

Ariana Grande has backtracked on a shady comment about YouTuber Gabi Demartino, after her a fans showed her a clip of Gabi impersonating Ariana in her latest YouTube video.

The physical similarities between Gabi and Ariana have long been discussed online, but after Gabi shared a parody vlog of her living like Ariana for a day, Ariana's stans got pissed.

Ariana ended up finding the clip, and commented "yeah this ain't it."

Ariana's interaction led to Gabi receiving a lot of nasty comments from her fans, which, as an Ariana fan herself, made her feel as though her "heart is being ripped out"

Luckily, Ariana saw the chaos and intervened, insisting that her shady remark was just her "being funny."

"It's all love here, you know that," she said, before advising Gabi to "wear more neutral tones and not do the cat laugh" when trying to impersonate her.

Check out the video of Gabi impersonating Ariana for a day, and see for yourself what the big fuss was all about.