Ash Hardell Just Spoke Out About Living With An Eating Disorder

23 May 2018, 11:10 | Updated: 23 May 2018, 11:13

YouTuber Ash Hardell
Ash Hardell. Picture: Ash Hardell // YouTuber

By Josh Lee

“I’m not relatably tortured, I’m just tired”

YouTuber Ash Hardell has opened up about their eating disorder in a new vlog.

Sharing the news publicly for the first time, Ash explained thay they've lived with ED since 2014, and that their impending top surgery had increased their urge "to eat or not eat in unhealthy ways." However, Ash assured viewers that this last year had been one of the "best ever, regarding the issue."

“The way my eating disorder interacts with my dysphoria and trans identity is a huge source of my struggle - and it seems like a lot of trans people feel this way too,” they said.

Watch Ash discuss living with an eating disorder below:

If you're struggling with disordered eating in the UK, please contact Beat's helpline on 08088010677, 08088010711 if you're under 18, or 08088010811 if you're a student.