5 Things That Went Wrong With The Beauty Community

11 October 2018, 12:07

Jeffree Star / Laura Lee / James Charles
Jeffree Star / Laura Lee / James Charles. Picture: Instagram / YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

The beauty community has had a tough few years, here's where things started to go wrong.

Racism, feuds, and negative reviews are just a few of the things plaguing the YouTube beauty community now.

Just a few years ago it was such a different place - everyone got along (or at least no one was openly feuding), and people just posted tutorials and hauls with no drama. It was a much simpler time than it is now. A few years ago, although we didn't really have the likes of some of the biggest makeup gurus like James Charles, we did have beauty guru veterans like Michelle Phan, Rachel Whitehurst, ReadySetGlamour, who have all now left YouTube.

Here's all the things that went wrong.


Everyone loves a little drama, me included, but ohmygod, there's so much of it. Is anyone even friends anymore? Jeffree Star and James Charles probably have beef with anyone who has ever existed. Honestly what is even the POINT? I feel like a lot of the drama starts with Jeffree - his feuds with Kat Von D, Jaclyn Hill, Kylie Jenner, Jackie Aina, and even people who have purchased his own products and said they were faulty? Petty has reached another level and for WHY?

All these feuds really do is give drama channels content, then fans feel like they have to pick a side and you get things like 'x is OVER party'. Not meaning to sound like the 'I wish I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles' girl from Mean Girls, but if everyone actually supported each other, the community would be a much nicer place.


This might be more of a problem with social media in general, but WOW it feels like you can't have an opinion or do anything without being attacked. Helen Anderson is a great example of this, she's made a point of not talking about certain things, even on her vlog channel, to avoid having people berate her in the comments. She felt guilty for buying a Gucci bag. Why? Because people said it made her 'un-relatable'.

Creators are having to self-censor and avoid saying or doing anything out of the ordinary to avoid being taken down. Fleur DeForce said she has reservations about making videos focused on her baby because of judgement. It's important for fans to call out people when they've done something wrong, but that doesn't give anyone an excuse to be rude just because you don't like something. And on the other hand, as a viewer, if you openly dislike a beauty YouTuber, you can probably expect to get a fair amount of abuse from their stans. It's a crazy world.

The overload of sponsored content.

This has become a huge problem, not just within the beauty community, but in general. Sponsored content is *everywhere*, and fans and viewers seem kind of done with it. Take beauty and style YouTuber Jordan Lipscombe for example. You don't need to scroll very far on her comment section to find people complaining about the lack of original content, and the masses of sponsored content. Some days, I guess viewers just want to see original content, and not have advertisements in their faces 24/7. Although YouTubers can make most of their income through sponsored content, as a viewer, it's a little tiring seeing #ad everywhere.

Within the beauty community, it can also create some distrust, where viewers don't know if they can trust an opinion or not, because the brand is paying the YouTuber to discuss their products. It's fine if it's a brand someone genuinely believes in, which used to be the case more often than not. But now, a YouTuber can say a certain new concealer is their holy grail, and then the next week have moved to something else because someone's paid them to do so.

Negative reviews.

Negative reviews are an interesting topic. As a concept, it's wild. Pretty much the opposite to sponsored content, allegedly, brands are now paying for YouTubers to not only praise their products, but talk negatively about their competitors.

PrettyPastelPlease, Marlena Stell, and Kevin James Bennet claim to have had offers for doing these reviews, and then James Charles hit back saying he's never heard of that happening. Jordan Lipscombe followed this sentiment, and RawBeautyKristi said if it does happen, it must be incredibly rare. If this is happening, again, it's not great for viewer-YouTuber trust. How is anyone supposed to believe anything anymore HONESTLY.

Racism and not apologising.

Racism is just not okay at any time, and it's insane that it's still happening/ has happened in recent years. Even cultural appropriation is still everywhere.

Just using Laura Lee as an example, it's crazy that she even tweeted those awful things to begin with - but her apology was even worse. It was the epitome of a non-apology. She just fake cried, called her tweets 'retweets' and didn't really accept the blame.

Manny MUA's wasn't much better. Although, it's worse when people just don't acknowledge it and move on. I'm looking at you, Jeffree Star. Just last week, he posted pictures in dreadlocks and when people called him out, he just said they were overreacting. Unlike Lee, he doesn't really seem to have lost anything for his racist comments. HOW do people not know how to apologise anymore? In case you've messed up and have forgotten how to say sorry properly, take Shane Dawson's example. Learn from him. Also, just don't be racist. It isn't hard?

That brings us to the mess the beauty community is in now.

In order for YouTube and content creators, and even fans to grow we need to just call people out on all their crap, and hope it makes everyone better people. Hopefully the beauty community on YouTube can calm the hell down and WISE UP.