Behind The Meme Admits That His 'Suicide' Videos Were Fake

2 October 2018, 15:19

Behind The Meme
Picture: Behind The Meme YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Fans sent police to check on Behind The Meme after some disturbing videos surfaced on his channel but he has since admitted they were fake.

WARNING: This article contains distressing information. If this is something that may affect you in anyway, please stop reading. If you need any help or information, please visit

Popular YouTuber, Behind The Meme has admitted that his recent controversial 'suicide' videos were fake.

Behind The Meme (Kyle) is best known for his videos that describe and dissect popular memes so that the less-internet-savvy people can stay #hip and #current. He took a break over the summer, but assured fans all was well in his comeback video. All this changed last week when he posted videos alluding to his suicide. Given the concerning nature of the videos, fans called the police to his house to make sure he was okay.

It turns out that he was okay, and later revealed that all the videos he had posted were fake. He just wanted to make sure people were aware that the negative comments they leave online can have real consequences. Needless to say, fans were PISSED.

This all started last week when Kyle, the man behind the channel, posted a series of disturbing videos. In the first three videos posted, he drinks and explains that he isn't enjoying YouTube anymore as the hate comments are really getting to him. He says he wishes people were kinder, and emphasises that we're all just humans trying to get by.

Part 4 is where concerns were raised. At the beginning of the video, he says what sounds like he'll 'be buried soon'. He says things like 'nobody even cares', 'everyone hates me, i hate myself', 'why can't people be nicer and kinder, or give me a chance'. He goes on to say that life didn't allow him to be happy, and that he has no family or friends, just people who hate him. The video ends with him stating he has an idea: 'everyone likes games, lets play a game'. This was the last video Kyle posted before fans called the police.

Three days later, Kyle posted a video apologising for causing fans to worry, but saying he posted the videos to show how some people can react to the hate comments and what the consequences can be.

He goes on to explain that although the videos were fake in terms, the hate and negativity really did get to him early on in his career. He then notes that the channel also made him happy, as wherever there was hate, they was also love. He goes on to say that no matter how hard it gets, tomorrow can be better, and that people leaving hate comments shouldn't, as they can be the reason someone goes over the edge.

At the end of the video, he includes links to suicide helplines.

Kyle's most recent video gave us more information on the cops coming to his house. The day after his video was posted, he had multiple calls and texts from friends and family asking if he was okay, and police at his door. After the cops got no answer from him, they asked around, and eventually reached his emergency contact who said the videos weren't real.

He said he was sorry people were worried but that he thought people would catch on to the fact it was a joke and that he's learnt that there are more people out there who care than he realised.

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