Who is Ben Hampton? Meet Jake Paul's Tiny Team 10 Prodigy

27 December 2017, 10:36 | Updated: 27 December 2017, 10:39

Ben Hampton and Jake Paul
Ben Hampton and Jake Paul. Picture: Jake Paul

By Josh Lee

Everything you need to know about Ben Hampton, including age, social media handles, merchandise and information about his parents.

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a very small child popping up alongside Jake Paul on Instagram and YouTube. But if you were thinking he was the pretend child of Jake Paul and Erika Costell, you'd be wrong - Ben Hampton, a.k.a Young Savage, is in fact a burgeoning social media superstar in his own right.

Meet Ben Hampton, Jake Paul's social media prodigy

Born in 2011, Ben is literally younger than the social media platforms he is currently absolutely owning - Instagram and YouTube. So, ahead of his eventual takeover of the internet and quite possibly planet earth, here's everything you need to know about Ben Hampton.

How old is Ben Hampton?

Ben was born on May 9th 2011, making him six years old.

What did Ben do before he was social-media famous?

Considering Ben is only six now, you'd think that he was most likely doing normal baby stuff like growing teeth and learning how to walk before he found online fame. But it turns out that Ben Hampton was (genuinely) CEO of a charity called "Save Da..." before he found fame on Instagram and YouTube. The charity sold teddy bears, with a portion of the profits going to protecting bears.

Who runs Ben's social media accounts?

Ben Hampton's dad, social media consultant Branden Hampton, runs his social media profiled. He's also supported by his mother, Stephanie Hampton.

How did Ben Hampton become social media famous

According to Ben's father Branden, it was a mixture of Ben's mother set the wheels in motion initially for online fame. “When Ben was born, my wife decided to go all out on clothes,” Hampton told the Daily Beast. “She loves playing dress up and she just decided, ‘I’m not just going to throw OshKosh B’gosh overalls and SpongeBob T-shirts on this kid. I’m going to dress him all out.’”

From there, it was all down to Branden's contacts in the social media industry. He used his connections to score a collaboration with Jake Paul for Ben, and the rest is history.

Is Ben Hampton in Team 10?

Yes! Ben joined Jake Paul's social media squad Team 10 in 2017, and has appeared in a handful of Jake Paul's YouTube videos.

What are Ben's fans called?

Ben calls his fans "Young Savages".

What are Ben Hampton's social media handles?

You can follow Ben on Twitter (@benhampton) and Instagram (@benhampton), and subscribe to him on YouTube.

How big is Ben's social media following?

Ben has over 12,000 Twitter followers, over 670,000 Instagram followers, and 73,000 YouTube subscribers.

Where can you buy Ben Hampton merch?

You can buy Ben Hampton merchandise, including t-shirts and hoodies, at Fanjoy.