Why You Need To Be Subscribed To These Badass Female Gamers

14 December 2015, 15:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's time for the girls to run YouTube for a while.

YouTube is a melting pot of billions of personalities, styles and genres - and yet, of the top 10 subscribed channels in the world you will only find one female. And from these other nine males, three channels concentrate primarily on gaming or Let's Playing. This begs a very serious question of where all the badass lady gamers have got to?!

Well, whilst they may not have the same subscriber count, they are 100% loud and proud about their work on YouTube. So in the hopes that we can spread a little bit of love and peace across the Internet on this fine winter day, lets take a look at some of the best female gamers on YouTube!


LDShadowLady - (1.5m subscribers / 338m views)

If you're ever keen for more Minecraft content - look no further!! Lizzy's colourful and vibrant personality makes for a fresh pair of gaming eyes upon one of, if not the, most popular game on YouTube. Her channel features hundreds of indie games as well as personal vlogs and encounters with modded games. Definitely one to subscribe to, if not just for her charming British accent but her to-die-for candyfloss hair too!


TheRPGMinx - (1.1m subscribers / 197m views)

Minx is one mysterious lady but we absolutely adore her! Much like Cry, Minx likes to keep her real identity away from her channel to maintain a regular everyday life. However, her online friends create the most desirable online gaming cliques in the world! The video above is from the hugely popular Prop Hunt series hosted over multiple YouTube channels including CinnamonToastKen, SeaNanners, Cryotic, Syndicate and even PewDiePie!

Minx likes to keep her channel unique by uploading original rap tracks based on iconic video games. These continue to be her most popular videos and are crazy catchy. We see really big things for Minx in the future!


iHasCupquake - (3.8m subscribers / 1.3b views)

Can we just, for one second, talk about how much we actually adore Tiffany?! The way she looks, sounds, dresses, plays, talks?! She's absolute female goals and the fact she plays some of the funniest games on the web makes her channel a must subscribe! In her quest to play the strangest browser-based games known to man, she has had us in fits of tears and laughter every step of the way! If you want a lovely lady companion alongside Markiplier when it comes to a Five Nights At Freddy's marathon, then iHasCupquake is the channel for you!


PressHeartToContinue - (702k subscribers / 79m views)

Looking for a dosage of gaming news and happenings to hit your YouTube subscription box every week? Well look no further! The round up above is the perfect example of why PHTC is the only newscaster that matters when it comes to gaming content on YouTube, as her chatty and relatable personality gives us everything we need to know every week without the air of elitism we've come to expect from other news sources. We hope for 2016 she finally hits the one million subscriber milestone she so deserves!


SSSniperWolf - (1.9m subscribers / 221m views)

SSS is one of the more popular YouTubers on this list for more than one reason! Not only is she a fantastic Lets Player, vlogger and social media personality, but an A* cosplayer that gives us dress-up goals! She's a regular uploader with her weekly Ask Wolf videos where we get to meet the girl behind the games. Her videos are amazing in quality and we can see her taking on the big league male gamers in no time at all!


Geek Remix - (90k subscribers / 17m views)

The girls behind this channel, Mari and Stacey, are two of the most intellectual girls on the planet. By coming up with their own fan theories (as seen above) for various games and their characters, as well as finding easter eggs and uploading Let's Plays, Geek Remix is a breath of fresh air from other channels that only focus on their own experience with gaming. We're always gripped by their interpretation of games and we cannot get enough of their Life is Strange series!


Melonie Mac - (328k subscribers / 21m views)

From Tomb Raider and World of Warcraft focused videos, to vlogging her daily life as a wonderful person on this planet, Melonie is one of our absolute favourite females on the Internet in general! In the above video we get to see her really passionate side come out as she discusses the problematic perspective of fake gamer girls, and it makes for really intriguing listening! Make sure you subscribe to her channel to stay on top of all her rants and unboxing videos!


Who else do you think deserves to be on this list of epic lady gamers?! Let us know in the comments below, or send us a message on Facebook and Twitter!