18 Best Moments From Mark And Zoella's “Ultimate Friendship" Video

9 August 2016, 11:59 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43

zoela mark ferris video

By Charleyy Hodson

Were you Team Zoe or Team Mark?

It's no secret now that Zoella is completely head over heels in love with Mark Ferris - and we don't blame her! Over the past year, we've been watching Mark like crazy on YouTube and loving all of his vlogs and challenge videos. However, just when we thought we'd seen the best Zoella and Mark collab on the Internet, they decided to upload their Friendship Test and now we're all dead from laughing.

The whole challenge video sees Zoe and Mark question each other to find out who is the better friend, with questions ranging from their pet peeves, favourite smells and even their favourite vlogs together. We won't spoil the ending for you, but if you want to know who won the "Ultimate Friendship Test" then you can watch the video right HERE or scroll down to see our 18 highlights from their collab.


1) Mark not being able to count back from August

2) Mark then receiving the first egg on his egg for not knowing when Zoe hit 10 million subscribers


3) "You've got to be YOLK-ing me"

4) Mark not having a single clue about toilet paper brands aside from...

5) ..."Koala bears?!"


6) Witnessing the greatest Brown Sauce cuddle on the entire planet


7) "Let it sno000oooooOOOOooow"

8) Mark having a brain fart and calling Brown Sauce a "car boot"

9) The grand reveal of the hottest fashion accessory for 2016: Flour handprints


11) This specific laugh from Mr Mark Ferris...


12) Zoe accidentally "queefing" at Mark with Ketchup - true friendship, really

13) "I can't open my eye"


14) Zoe needing to beep out Mark's swearing (naughty!!)

15) All the silent laughter in the bloopers, which honestly we could have seen an entire vlog dedicated to this


16) Mark thinking he had been touched by a flour ghost

17) Zoella thinking her questions were on the can of Cream and reading the instructions instead


18) And finally, when Mark sucked all the cream off his fingers


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