13 Pieces Of Cameron Dallas Merch That You're Thirsty For But Just Don't Know It Yet

19 October 2017, 16:00 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 13:24

Cameron Dallas with merchandise

By Josh Lee

Actor, comedian, presenter and low-key high-key dreamboat, Cameron Dallas has lodged himself firmly in all our hearts. And what better way is there to share your love for the YouTuber with the world than with some awesome Cameron Dallas merch! Luckily for you, we've scoured the internet to provide a definitive list of 13 pieces of Cameron Dallas merch that you are absolutely going to need in your life. Get in loser, we're going shopping.

Here's all the Cameron Dallas merch you could ever need.

1) This 100% true "Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend" sweater


Need something that says "back the hell up off of my man, even though I've never met him and probably never will?" This Cameron Dallas sweater is for you.

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2) This super-practical "I can't stop watching Cameron Dallas" backpack


For the guy, gal or non-binary pal who needs somewhere to put their books and confess their love for the man himself, this Cameron Dallas backpack is a must have.

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3) This inspirational AF "Run like Cameron Dallas is waiting for you at the finish line" tank top


Whether you're keeping fit or trying to finish pizza number four in this Cameron Dallas tank top, you'll reach your goals quicker by imagining that angelic smile waiting for you at the end.

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4) This straight-to-the-point "Lol ur not Cameron Dallas" t-shirt


This Cameron Dallas t-shirt is straight up the best man-filter on the planet. Because if he's not Cameron Dallas, then literally what is the point.

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5) This upfront "I would date u but ur not Cameron Dallas" hoodie


"It's not you, it's me" is so 2016. Tell it like it is with this Cameron Dallas hoodie instead

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6) This #FestiveGoals Cameron Dallas Christmas ornament


Deck the halls with Cameron Dallas' perfect face and you never know who might come sliding down your chimney this Christmas (A Cameron Dallas bauble; what a time to be alive, kids)

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7) This highly aspirational "I'd rather my lips were on Cameron Dallas" mug


Speak it into existence with a Cameron Dallas mug, and you never know what the universe might provide

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8) This low-key but hella cute Cameron Dallas keyring


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9) This practical and stylish Cameron Dallas phone case


For the fan who isn't quite ready to have Cameron Dallas' literal face on their phone, this Cameron Dallas phone case is the perfect first step.

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10) This sweet'n'pure Cameron Dallas necklace


If he liked it then he should have put a ring on it. Unfortunately he doesn't know you so won't, but that doesn't mean you can put a Cameron Dallas ring on yourself. Wear it round your neck and Cameron will forever be close to your heart.


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11) This entirely too much Cameron Dallas cut-out


If you can't get to the meet'n'greet, make the meet'n'greet come to you! Just make your mum stand behind the cardboard cut-out while she whispers "hey beautiful, you're hella cute" and he'll be as good as in the room with you. Promise.


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12) This 90's AF "Dallas 94 hat"


Because if your entire aesthetic isn't Denim Dallas, what even is the point? Seriously though, if you're not into denim this Cameron Dallas cap comes in loads of different colours


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13) This rule the goddamn school Cameron Dallas pencil case


Keeping your pens loose in your bag is literally asking to get ink all over your stuff. Don't be a messy student. Get a Cameron Dallas pencil case

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