Can You Guess Roman Atwood's Most Popular Pranks

3 November 2015, 15:07 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Nessa Dinneen

The world sure loves guys pretending to kill their children

Making a living off causing mischief and chaos is pretty much every child's dream and Roman Atwood is living that dream. His hidden-camera style videos that thrive off shock value have captured the attention of millions and he doesn't show any signs of stopping.

His subscriber count currently stands at 7 and a half million and they've sky-rocketed once more after his most recent video where he pretends to kill his toddler in a freak quad accident went viral. This is the second video where Roman pretends to accidentally bring about his child's untimely demise to draw a panicked reaction from his long-suffering partner, Brittany. (One day he really is going to kill poor Kane and she won't believe him).

His shocking pranks have gone viral on so many counts, it would be difficult to tell which ones racked up the most views. Could you guess which ones have the most hits?


5). Killing My Own Kid Prank - 36 million views

Brittany comes home after a long hard day to her family playing games on the balcony. Not long after, she witnesses her partner accidentally letting their young son "fly" off over the railing and land with a thud on the floor below. We couldn't imagine what our reaction would be.


4). Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank - 43.3 million views

In this original and somewhat bizarre idea for a prank, Roman acquires the power to blow the clothes off nearby girls by simply sneezing. Leaving unsuspecting passer-bys completely baffled.


3). Sex With Vitalys Mom Prank - 47.8 million views 

Fellow pranker and frequent collaborator Vitalys gets the tables turned on him in this prank. Roman incorporates the help of Vitalys's mother who is oddly enthusiastic and willing to partake in a prank which involves her son walking in on her in bed with one of his good friends. We have to admit that Vitalys' violent reaction took us aback. Maybe this one was a step too far?


2). Crazy Plastic Ball Prank - 52 million views 

We have to admit this is probably our favourite prank. Mainly for the lack of underlying dark themes that involve destroying relationships or killing young children who have no grasp on the concept of death. This is pure unadulterated fun and tbh, it looks AMAZING. We can't deny that as children, probably nothing would made us happier than turning our entire house into a giant ball pit.


1). Anniversary Prank Backfires! - 71.2 million views

Roman can credit this with being the prank that hit him off as a viral success. When he uploaded this in 2013 it immediately went viral, currently standing at 71.2 million views. Roman figures that the night of his 5 year anniversary is the perfect time to prank his girlfriend by telling her he cheated on her. But it doesn't exactly go to plan.