Can You Guess Tyler Oakley's Most Viewed Videos Ever?

12 October 2015, 11:41 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Nessa Dinneen

Tyler Oakley is pretty much everything we aspire to be and more. Would it be fair to say he's basically a modern day Mother Theresa? Not just a vlogger, comedian, actor and overall internet personality - Tyler is also an advocate for LGBT rights, healthcare, education and suicide prevention in LGBT youth.  He's literally the perfect human and we want to be his best friend.

With close to 400 videos and an incredible 7.5 million subscribers it would be hard to guess off the top of your head what Tyler's most popular uploads are. You might be surprised about which videos didn't make the cut! Scroll down to find out the top 5 as it currently stands...


5). Watching Strange Porn??? (ft. Dan Howell) - 6.9 million views

It’s even funnier and more obscure than it sounds. Tyler and Dan play a game where they have to think of a random every day object, then search for pornographic videos containing said object in the title. Their reactions as they force themselves to watch them will 100% make your day.

4). Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang (ft. JacksGap) - 7.7 million views

Can you believe this video is 3 years old? Tyler visits Jack and Finn when he’s in London to expand on their gay vocabulary. Hilarity ensues.

3). Tyler Oakley Reacts To Teens React To Tyler Oakley - 8.1 million views

In the mother of all react videos, Tyler Oakley is reacting to people reacting to him and it is every bit of ridiculous and entertaining as it sounds.

2). The Boyfriend Tag (ft. Troye Sivan) - 8.2 million views

Do you ship #Troyler? The pair answer questions together as hypothetical boyfriends. UGH, just get together already!!

1). The Photobooth Challenge (ft. Miranda Sings) - 9.3 million views

It’s their first ever video together and it’s no surprise it’s Tyler’s most viewed as Miranda’s got us in stitches from beginning to end. We challenge you to keep a straight face while Miranda’s giving you the eyebrow on the fish bowl filter.